Earthquake Madness
If Mike noticed her running commentary, he made no mention of it as they climbed the hill as fast the car could carry them. The car shot over the crest of the hill and went airborne for a few feet before crashing violently down onto the ground, causing Karen’s teeth to snap together and her head to jolt forward.
They plunged down the other side of the hill as fast he dared to push the car. Suddenly, there was a rock in front to them. He swerved, thought they would make it, but instead caught the bumper on his side. There was a loud crunch as the rock tore at the composite bumper and the car bounced off to the right side.
Mike swore and turned the wheel to the right, fighting the momentum that tried to spin the car around. Somehow, he prevented the car from spinning, hit the gas and they again picked up speed for the perilous flight down the hill.