The Hunley: The Civil War's Secret Weapon
“It’s not stopping,” someone shouted.
“Keep firing,” Pickering yelled.
“Here it comes!”
“Brace for impact,” Higginson shouted hoarsely.
“It’s going to hit us!”
The submersible rammed the Housatonic and the ship listed to one side, knocking everyone to the deck. They could hear the planks in the hull shattering as they gave way under the onslaught of tons of iron. The Housatonic righted itself and everyone on the deck scrambled to his feet.
“Get those cannons up here!” Pickering called. “Get them up here and open fire before it pulls away.”
When there was no immediate response, he said, “Higginson, go find out where those cannons are. Crosby, I want every man on this side of the ship and firing at the thing that just punched a hole in my ship.”
Higginson ran to find the cannons while Crosby ordered anyone with any kind of a weapon to his side of the ship.
“Ensign Hazeltine,” Pickering called.
“Sir,” answered the ensign.
“Get below and tell the engine room to get up full steam and get us out of here. Our only chance is to get away before she rams us again.”