Karen wondered how he could see as the beams from the headlights bounced all over in response to the car’s jolting ride down the uneven slope. She turned to see if the van was slowing any, but the driver had the advantage of seeing them hit the obstacles first and was able to close in every time something impeded the car. It seemed like the only good thing was the chase was so wild the men in the van could not shoot at them.
They reached the bottom of the hill and the car nearly nosedived into a small stream that ran between two hills. She thought he would climb the next hill, but instead he turned right and into the streambed.
What was he doing?
The car hurtled down the streambed and each time it plunged into a low spot in the stream, water exploded all around them. He turned on the wipers as the water splashed onto the windshield. She heard the beating the car was taking as it continually hit bottom doing their wild descent of the stream. It was almost as bad inside the car as they were thrown around violently each time the car slammed down. After a particularly loud thump, the floorboard buckled up under her feet.