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Melange Books has published Larry's thriller novel: Earthquake Madness. Only a few hours ago when he left Anchorage in a rented Chevrolet Tahoe, Robert couldn’t envision himself in such a situation. Everything had been so … normal.
He’d driven from Anchorage to A3, headed toward Wasilla and then onto Houston. He left the highway, went through town and looked for a road he thought would take him toward the Castle Mountain Fault. He found the trail that led him along the fault, here he began his investigation of the strange seismic activity that had occurred.
Now Robert’s lungs burned as he fled through the rough vegetation, which impeded his flight. He cussed at the brush slowing him down and the effort seared his parched throat.
Buzzing that sounded like a thousand angry bees emanated from the ATV engine and it grew louder as the driver accelerated in his pursuit of Robert. The revving motor scared Robert even more, and despite legs that felt like wood, he picked up his pace without risking a glance over his shoulder.
What the hell did these two men want?

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